The email experience you already have


We made this website from the ground up to help you do you. We specifically designed it for those of you who are normal people (which is everyone).

Normalhuman is you. A real human person. Scrolling through the internet. AI. A physical body. To name but a few.

Normalhuman is so normal, banal and regular - you will feel basically the same as you did before but a bit more smug.

Inbox Zero

Open your inbox.
Select all the emails.
Click delete.

Email signature

Do an email. At the end write:
"Sent via Normalhuman"
Now everyone knows you are a normal human.

Personalised onboarding

If for some reason you want to go through your emails with a stranger over video conference, we can do that too.

"Basically I love stock photos"
Founder, Unicorn

"It is my regular email account"
VC Partner


Just a couple of chill dogs. Ex-Doogle.

Do it.

$5. Lifetime access.

All profits will go to Wikimedia

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